Artin's criterion

In mathematics, Artin's criteria[1][2][3][4] are a collection of related necessary and sufficient conditions on deformation functors which proving their representability of these functors as either Algebraic spaces[5] or as Algebraic stacks. In particular, these conditions are used in the construction of the moduli stack of elliptic curves[6] and the construction of the moduli stack of pointed curves.[7]

Notation and technical notesEdit

Throughout this article, let   be a scheme of finite-type over a field   or an excellent DVR.   will be a category fibered in groupoids,   will be the groupoid lying over  .

A stack   is called limit preserving if it is compatible with filtered direct limits in  , meaning given a filtered system   there is an equivalence of categories


An element of   is called an algebraic element if it is the henselization of an  -algebra of finite type.

A limit preserving stack   over   is called an algebraic stack if

  1. For any pair of elements   the fiber product   is represented as an algebraic space
  2. There is a scheme   locally of finite type, and an element   which is smooth and surjective such that for any   the induced map   is smooth and surjective.

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