Arthur Lewbel

Arthur Lewbel (born c. 1956) is the inaugural Patrick Roche Professor of Economics at Boston College,[1] and is known in the fields of applied microeconomics and econometrics. He is an editor of Econometric Theory, former co-editor of the Journal of Business and Economic Statistics,[2] a fellow of the Econometric Society,[3] a fellow of the Journal of Econometrics, holds a Multa Scripsit award, and is ranked number 30 on Coupe's list of top economists in the world by publication.[4] Lewbel's economic research is mainly in the areas of micro econometrics and in consumer demand analysis.

Arthur Lewbel
Bornc. 1956 (age 65–66)
InstitutionBoston College
FieldApplied microeconomics and econometrics
Alma materMassachusetts Institute of Technology

Lewbel holds a B.Sc. in mathematics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1978), and a doctorate in management (1984) from the same institution.[5]

Lewbel is also known for his juggling contributions[6] including "The Science of Juggling"[7] published in Scientific American,[8] and director and judge for the International Jugglers' Association's national juggling competitions.[9]


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