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Artemis 81 is a British television play which was written by David Rudkin and directed by Alastair Reid.[1] Commissioned by BBC producer David Rose, it was broadcast by the BBC on 29 December 1981.

Plot summaryEdit

Occult novelist Gideon Harlax (Hywel Bennett) is drawn into an epic battle between Helith (Sting), the Angel of Light and Asrael (Roland Curram), the Angel of Death.

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DVD releaseEdit

Artemis 81 was released on DVD in 2007.[2] It was incorrectly issued as Artemis '81. The 81 is the number of a star, not a date.[3]

Further readingEdit

  • David Rudkin: Sacred Disobedience: an expository study of his drama 1959-96 by David Ian Rabey, Oxford, Routledge, 1998 ISBN 90-5702-126-9

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