Art and Aviation

Art and Aviation is an album by saxophonist Jane Ira Bloom which was recorded in 1992 and released on the Arabesque label.[1][2][3]

Art and Aviation
Art and Aviation.jpg
Studio album by
RecordedJuly 22 & 23, 1992
StudioClinton Recording Studios, New York City
ProducerJane Ira Bloom
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Art and Aviation
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Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic     [4]
The Buffalo News    [5]
Tom HullB+[6]
The Penguin Guide to Jazz    [7]

The AllMusic review by David R. Adler said "Art & Aviation is not only one of Jane Ira Bloom's finest albums, it is also a remarkably successful (and fairly early) attempt to bring electronic influences to bear on acoustic jazz. Bloom's writing is strongly infused with a straight-ahead jazz aesthetic. But she veers left on many cuts, altering her soprano sax sound with live electronics ... While most tracks still sound very much like jazz, the electronics, while never becoming obtrusive, give everything an unpredictable edge ... The complex, angular soprano/trumpet unison lines heard on many of the pieces call to mind the harmonically free sound of Ornette Coleman's early recordings with Don Cherry. ... But Bloom is not copying Coleman at all; rather, just as Coleman did, she is pushing jazz into new, similarly controversial areas, without sacrificing musicality for a second".[4] Jeff Simon of The Buffalo News noted, " Certainly, she is among the precious few to marry jazz and the sonorities of classical new music with total lack of affectation."[5]

Track listingEdit

All compositions by Jane Ira Bloom except where noted

  1. "Gateway to Progress" – 5:26
  2. "Further into the Night" – 6:48
  3. "Hawkins' Parallel Universe" – 6:51
  4. "Straight, No Chaser / Miro" (Thelonious Monk / Bloom) – 5:45
  5. "Oshumare" – 8:00
  6. "Art & Aviation" – 7:12
  7. "Most Distant Galaxy" – 8:09
  8. "I Believe Anita" – 5:56
  9. "Lost in the Stars" (Kurt Weill, Maxwell Anderson) – 3:51



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