Arsenal TV

Arsenal TV was a sports television channel devoted to coverage of the English football club Arsenal F.C.. It was a part of the Setanta Sports package and was similar to other Setanta's other channels Celtic TV, Rangers TV and LFC TV.[3] Arsenal TV has been continued in the way of its successors being Arsenal's Web Player and Arsenal on YouTube.[1][2]

Arsenal TV
Arsenal tv logo.png
Launched20 March 2008
Closed9 August 2009
Owned bySetanta Sports, Arsenal FC, Input Media
Picture format16:9 SDTV
Replaced by
  • Arsenal Player
  • Arsenal on YouTube[1][2]
Sky DigitalChannel 435
Virgin MediaChannel 542


Arsenal TV officially launched on 14 January 2008 on Sky Channel 423, however the channel was being tested on Sky for several days beforehand.[4] Arsenal TV was available as a part of the Setanta Sports pack on Sky until 23 June 2009. The channel remained available to ex-Setanta Sports subscribers until it closed.[5]

Arsenal TV joined Virgin Media on 18 March 2008 after a successful campaign by the club to get the channel on the service; it was available as part of the Setanta Sports package or TV Size XL.[6]

On 17 March 2008, a first timeshift channel called Arsenal Replay was added to Sky Channel 424 (which later moved to 448) and aired from 1.30am to 7.45am. On 27 March 2009, it was removed from the EPG.

On 12 May 2008, a second timeshift channel called AH TV was added to Sky Channel 454, and aired the same times as Arsenal Replay, however they broadcast on different days from each other, but still showed the same programming from earlier in the day from channel 435. On 28 April 2009, it was removed from the EPG.

The TV channel screened on Monday to Fridays: 4.30pm - 2am and Sunday: 6pm - 2am.[7]


On 23 June 2009, Setanta Sports entered administration and ceased broadcasting its core channels. Arsenal announced that Arsenal TV would continue broadcasting in the short term but that the club would evaluate its long-term viability.[8][9] On 22 July 2009, Setanta Sports administrators Deloitte announced that they would sell Setanta Sports' Sky Digital EPG slots through Canis Media, including Arsenal TV's slot on channel 435.[10]

On 31 July 2009, Arsenal announced that as a result of Setanta Sports going into administration, Arsenal TV would no longer be available on the Sky platform until further notice. Since Setanta ceased to broadcast, the club had explored alternative options regarding the future of Arsenal TV. However, for the short term, Arsenal TV was exclusively available online fully through the club's online channel, Arsenal Player and partly upon Arsenal on YouTube as well.[1][2][11] All of Arsenal's friendly matches prior to the 2009-10 season were shown exclusively on Arsenal TV Online apart from the Emirates Cup.[1]

On 4 August 2009, Arsenal TV was removed from Virgin Media channel 542 and replaced with an on-screen slate citing that Arsenal TV had ceased broadcasting. On 6 August 2009, Arsenal TV went blank on Sky channel 435, after carrying a similar on-screen closure message during the channel's downtime since 4 August. It was then removed from the Sky EPG on 7 August 2009.


Arsenal TV has had its successors upon forms that differs to that of the aforementioned channel. This is the case as of Arsenal's Web Player and YouTube channels as a whole, where the content of these are exactly identical to that of Arsenal's TV.[1][2]


Arsenal both featured in prior upon Arsenal TV as well as of now on Arsenal Player and Arsenal on YouTube:

  • Replays of every Arsenal FC match in all competitions, including post match coverage and analysis
  • Exclusive interviews with staff and players
  • Live coverage of Arsenal Reserves and first-team friendly matches
  • Highlights of Arsenal Academy and Arsenal Ladies matches
  • Arsenal -related news
  • Highlights of classic matches
  • Documentaries based on the club's history[1][2]


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