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Arriflex 416 is a motion picture camera product line created by Arri in 2006. This camera line was introduced in large part to accommodate new lenses of larger diameter which physically interfered with the Arri 16 SR 3 viewfinder. The 416 camera series is designed for 16mm filmmaking in the Super 16 format. The 416 series has some features that are derived from Arri's 35mm cameras. The 416 series is compatible with some 35mm camera accessories, such as PL-mount lenses, base plates, matte boxes, follow focus units, etc.

The 416 is used on movie and TV drama productions such as Bronson, Canterbury's Law, The Walking Dead, the 2008 movies Ivory and The Wave, Black Swan, Dhobi Ghat, and Fruitvale Station.[1] It was also used on the 2015 films, Suffragette, and Carol [2][3] And the 2016 war drama Anthropoid.

Arriflex 416Edit

Introduced in 2006.

  • Super 16 format.
  • PL-mount lens mount.
  • 45° to 180° shutter as 35-style camera.
  • 35-style viewfinder.
  • Use same video-assist system as Arricam, Arriflex 435 Xtreme, and Arriflex 235.
  • Running speed: 1 to 75 frame/s

Arriflex 416 PlusEdit

Introduced with 416 at the same time. Same specification as 416 but also includes

  • Integrated accessory electronics and radio for wireless remote control

Arriflex 416 Plus HSEdit

Introduced in April 2008. Included specifications from 416 Plus, and provided high speed function for slow-motion capturing.

  • Running speed: 1 to 150 frame/s


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External linksEdit

  • [1] & [2] : Official Sites of Arriflex 416 from Arri's Web site.