Arnoldo's Ristorantino

Arnoldo's Ristorantino (Spanish: El Ristorantino de Arnoldo) is an Argentine children's television series, produced by Non Stop Producciones for Disney Junior and the streaming service Disney+, aired January 21 and May 21, 2021. It is a spin-off of the series Junior Express.[3]

Arnoldo's Ristorantino
El Ristorantino de Arnoldo.jpg
SpanishEl Ristorantino de Arnoldo
Directed byKarina Insausti
StarringDiego Topa
Julio Graham
Belén Pasqualini
Mica Romano
Ignacio Riva Palacio
Julian Pozzi
Ana María Cores
Opening themeEl Ristorantino
by Cast of El Ristorantino de Arnoldo
Ending themeEl Ristorantino (Instrumental)
ComposersMauro Cambarieri
Federico Montero
Emilio Oliveiro
Anahí Cascabelo
Fernando Vila
Mauro Franceschini Campo
Nicolás del Castillo
Andrés Lucio Caceres
Mauro E. Conde
Ernesto Algranati
Country of originArgentina
Original languageSpanish
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes18
Executive producersFernando Barbosa
Leonardo Aranguiel
Cecilia Mendonça
Javier Castany
Patricio Rabufetti
Gastón Gualco
Sergio Núgoli
Production locationsBuenos Aires, Federal District, Argentina
CinematographyAlejandra Martín
EditorsLaureano Rizzo
Pablo Bologna
Running time24 minutes
Production companyNon Stop Producciones
Original networkDisney+[1]
Original releaseJanuary 29 (2021-01-29) –
May 21, 2021 (2021-05-21)[2]
Related showsJunior Express


In Bahía Bonita, a small town by the sea, Arnoldo opens his Ristorantino with Francis who is now Head of Waiters. Arnoldo will revive the place by creating unique food experiences with his delicious and healthy dishes. But he's going to have some competition: the villain siblings, Malú and Keno Malvatti, who produce and sell processed food from a very techie food truck that they park right in front of the Ristorantino. In each episode, Arnoldo and his team try to delight Ristorantino's clients despite the Malvattis' hilarious plans to sabotage them. Here, music, friendship, and fun will always be the main ingredients![4]

Cast and charactersEdit

  • Diego Topa as Arnoldo
  • Julio Graham as Francis
  • Mica Romano as Alina
  • Ignacio Riva Palacio as Keno
  • Julia Tozzi as Fiore
  • Belén Pasqualini as Malú
  • Ana María Cores as Margarita

List of episodesEdit

  1. La inaguración: The Ristorantino is inaugurated, and the place receives its first customers.
  2. La Malúracha: Malú creates a robot cockroach to scare away Arnoldo's clients.
  3. La feria del limón: An annual fair is held in Bahía Bonita, where there are games for the town and Francis represents the ristorantino in the tournament.
  4. Palillos: A client comes from China, but Arnoldo behaves like a stubborn, because the cook does not respect the customs of the Asian.
  5. Yo no fui: Fiore makes a big mess when she takes control of the ristorantino while Arnoldo is away.
  6. La cuchara de arnoldo: Fiore loses Arnoldo's grandmother's spoon and the ristorantino workers try to find it without the chef noticing.
  7. Concurso de video: The Ristorantino participates in a contest for the best video of Bahia Bonita.
  8. Una visita especial: Capitulo emotivo en donde el Capitan Topa se reencuentra con sus viejos amigos Francis y Arnoldo en Bahia Bonita-
  9. Pirata Bostezo: Arnoldo is scared after hearing the legend of the Pirate Yawn, in which he said that a pirate was taking over Bahia Bonita.
  10. Fruta del corazón: María offends Margarita and there is an argument between them, while Francis, Alina and Fiore try to befriend them.
  11. Picnic de Margarita: The door of the ristorantino is blocked, so the place welcomes its customers on the street.
  12. La Malúrobot: Malú creates a robot that changes the temperature of the environment and with that makes the Ristorantino more hot.
  13. Malvatti vs Malvatti: The brothers Keno and Malú face off to see who is the first to get a highly coveted flower from Arnoldo.
  14. Nuevo camarero: Keno, disguised as a waiter, sets France up to make him look bad at the sailor's festival.
  15. Galletas de Margarita: The episode was dark during the early morning of a stormy night in Bahía Bonita, in which Margarita eats the cookies that she was going to give Arnoldo, but she was overcome by her temptation and ate all of them. The team tries to discover who the alleged thief is.
  16. El arqueólogo: A curious archaeologist goes to the Ristorantino after a long journey of expedition.
  17. Menú de Arnoldo: Arnoldo opens his menu at the Ristorantino and receives a peculiar visit.
  18. La Princesa: Malú, dressed as a princess, visits the restaurant to make tricky plans: she insults and offends Francis, Alina and Fiore, but the chef Arnoldo does not pay attention to his team's comments, so the waiter, the receptionist and the chef's niece decide give up. It is there that Arnoldo learns a great lesson.


El Ristorantino de Arnoldo (Banda Sonora Original)
Soundtrack album by
Various artists
ReleasedJanuary 29, 2021
LabelWalt Disney Records

El Ristorantino de Arnoldo (Banda Sonora Original) is the soundtrack for the series of the same name, it was originally released in Argentina on January 29, 2021 by Walt Disney Records in Spanish, in the format of streaming digital.[5][6]

Track listing
1."El Ristorantino"Elenco de El Ristorantino de Arnoldo02:12
2."Que bonita es la vida"Elenco de El Ristorantino de Arnoldo02:05
3."Rapibocados"Elenco de El Ristorantino de Arnoldo01:41
4."Vengan a comer"Elenco de El Ristorantino de Arnoldo02:45
5."A limpiar y ordenar"Elenco de El Ristorantino de Arnoldo02:06
6."El team del sabor"Elenco de El Ristorantino de Arnoldo02:47
7."Bienviendos al Ristorantino"Elenco de El Ristorantino de Arnoldo02:05
8."Boogie de la cocina"Elenco de El Ristorantino de Arnoldo02:00
9."Bu, buuu"Elenco de El Ristorantino de Arnoldo02:05
10."Peki, bum, bum"Elenco de El Ristorantino de Arnoldo02:18
11."A cocinar"Elenco de El Ristorantino de Arnoldo02:08
12."Un dúo genial"Elenco de El Ristorantino de Arnoldo02:08
Total length:26:19


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