Arnold Short Bull

Arnold Short Bull (Lakota: Tȟatȟáŋka Ptéčela; c. 1845 – 1923), a member of the Sičháŋǧu (Brulé) Lakota tribe of Native Americans, instrumental in bringing the Ghost Dance movement to the reservations.

Early yearsEdit

Arnold Short Bull was born around 1845.[where?]

Ghost Dance, 1890-91Edit

He was active in the Ghost Dance religious movement of 1890, and had traveled with fellow Lakota Kicking Bear to Nevada to visit the movement's leader, Wovoka. The two were instrumental in bringing the movement to the Lakota living on reservations in South Dakota. Following the fatal shooting of Sitting Bull, Short Bull was imprisoned at Fort Sheridan, Illinois.

Later lifeEdit

On his release in 1891, Short Bull joined Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show, and made several trips to Europe with the show. Short Bull died on July 6, 1923, on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota.

Portraits of Short BullEdit