Arno (name)

Arno is both a surname and a Germanic given name (Germanic root "arn-" from "aran", meaning "eagle"). Notable people with the name include:

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  • Alice Arno, stage name of Marie-France Broquet (born 1946), French actress and model
  • Audrey Arno (1942–2012), German singer and actress
  • Bob Arno. Swedish-born American pickpocket entertainer and criminologist
  • Christian Arno (born 1978), British businessman
  • Diana Arno (born 1984), Estonian model and fashion designer
  • Ed Arno (1916–2008), American cartoonist
  • Ferdinando Arnò (born 1959), Italian composer, record producer, and arranger
  • Madame Arno, Parisian artist and fighter
  • Nelly Arno (1892–1966), British actress
  • Peter Arno (1904–1968), American cartoonist
  • Sig Arno (1895–1975), German-Jewish film actor

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