Arkas (Greek: Αρκάς) is the pen name of a popular Greek comics artist that began working in early 1981. His comics have a unique style, often combining humor and deep philosophical questions. The structure of the stories are generally very simple with each volume being made up of individual strips which follow some general plot guidelines. Most of the times we will only see two main characters: One is the rational, skeptical and questioning figure, while the other is a rude, vulgar or just empty-headed character who usually provides the punchlines. The stories take place in a variety of different locations/situations with protagonists that are usually animals but humans and occasionally video-game characters are also featured.

Area(s)Cartoonist, Artist
The rooster and the pig. Characters from the "Rooster."
The birds from the series "Flying Starts". Junior is saying, "I know only two poems. One is 'The lamb is white and round' (a Greek nursery rhyme) and the other isn't."

Arkas seldom appears at conventions and generally avoids publicity and appearances on television shows or interviews, as he has been quoted to believe that the artist should be known through his work, not through personal promotion. A mystery has been created around his identity and his real name still remains unknown, although the Greek newspaper Kathimerini has also mentioned it as Antonis Evdemon.[1] According to fan rumors, he is a psychiatrist, possibly a university professor.

Arkas in Greek means Arcadian or someone from the province of Arcadia. However, the CamelCase style in which his name is written suggests that Arkas may be only his initials. Arkas has been translated into other languages and has become known outside Greece. Translations of his books can be found in English, French, German, Romanian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Bulgarian, Polish and Serbian.


Comic book titlesEdit

  • O κόκκορας / The rooster – 1981
  • Show business – 1983
  • Ξυπνάς μέσα μου το ζώο / You bring out the animal in me – 1985
  • Μετά την καταστροφή / After the destruction – 1986
  • Φάε το κερασάκι / Eat the cherry – 1987
  • Ο Παντελής και το λιοντάρι / Pantelis and the lion – 1987
  • Αταίριαστοι έρωτες / Ιncongruous love – 1988
  • Ο ισοβίτης / The lifer – 1989
  • Χαμηλές πτήσεις / Low flights – 1991
  • Καστράτο / Castrato – 1995
  • Πειραματόζωα / Lab animals – 1998
  • Ο καλός λύκος / The big good wolf – 1998
  • Η ζωή μετά / The afterlife – 1999
  • Οι συνομήλικοι / Peers
  • Θηρία ενήμερα / Informed beasts
  • Το μικρό και το μεγάλο / The small and the big
  • Επικίνδυνα νερά / Dangerous waters

CD albumsEdit

  • Ξυπνάς μέσα μου το ζώο / You bring out the animal in me – 1997

Theatre playsEdit

  • Εχθροί Εξ Αίματος / Blood Enemies – 2007
  • Βιολογικός Μετανάστης / Biological Immigrant – 2011


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