Aristides Carlos Rodrigues Museum

The Aristides Carlos Rodrigues Museum[1] is located at Avenue Pereira Rego, 1000, in the town of Candelária, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. It is a museum of Geopark of Paleorrota with information on the region. It was inaugurated in July 2001.

Museum Aristides Carlos Rodrigues
Museu Aristides Carlos Rodrigues.JPG
EstablishedJuly 2001
LocationAvenue Pereira Rego, 1000
Candelária, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
Coordinates29°39′53″S 52°47′23″W / 29.66472°S 52.78972°W / -29.66472; -52.78972Coordinates: 29°39′53″S 52°47′23″W / 29.66472°S 52.78972°W / -29.66472; -52.78972
TypePaleontology, Natural history museum.


Collection of personal effects, machinery, household utensils and work of German settlers, paleontology, archeology.

Sets out various species of fossils from the Triassic Period, such as Dicynodont, Karamuru vorax and rhynchosaur. The collection also includes a replica of Guaibasaurus candelarienses, discovered in Sanga Pinheiro.

Many fossils collected in the city, were aimed at the Museum. The UFRGS has made many collections of fossils in this city and this has helped the museum grow.


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