Arif Babayev

Arif Haji oglu Babayev (Azerbaijani: Arif Hacı oğlu Babayev) was an Azerbaijani film director and Honorary Art Worker of the Azerbaijan SSR (1964).[1][2]

Arif Babayev
Born(1928-09-24)24 September 1928
Baku, Azerbaijan SSR
Died26 August 1983(1983-08-26) (aged 54)
Baku, Azerbaijan SSR
OccupationFilm director


Arif Babayev was born on September 20, 1928, in Baku. The Babayevs family lived on Qala Street, in Ichari Shahar. Aa a child, Arif attended theatrical circles. His engagement in theatre led him to apply to study in a theatrical school. Until then he played walk-on parts in the plays “Malikmammad”, “Garaja giz” and “Ibrat”. In 1946, the Azerbaijan State Theatrical Institute was created on the basis of the theatrical school. Arif Babayev was admitted into the directing program and was taught by director and actor Mehdi Mammadov. Mehdi Mammadov entrusted Mayor's role from N.V.Gogol’s The Government Inspector to Arif Babayev. In 1953, Arif Babayev graduated from the institute and was placed to work at the Nakhchivan State Theater. In this theatre, he staged Gogol's play Marriage. He returned to Baku after some time and began working as a stage director at the Theater of Young Spectators.[3]

On February 14, 1956, the first program went on air of the Azerbaijani Television. Arif Babayev was invited to work on television. In 1956, he shot his first documentary film Children of our City, marking the birth of television film in Azerbaijan. In 1959, he was appointed the chief director of the Azerbaijani Television. In these years, he shot a number of documentaries, staged television plays, such as Moabit Diaries by Musa Cälil, Blind Woman by Taras Shevchenko, Law by Rasul Rza, and The Morning by Mehdi Huseyn.

In 1964, he became the first television worker in Azerbaijan who was given the title of the Honorary Art Worker. He was invited to Azerbaijanfilm in the same year. In 1964, he debuted as a director with short the film Summit, the first one in the series Whom We Love More,[4] based on original screenplay by Imran Gasimov.


Arif Babayev has directed the following films:

Year Film
1964 Summit
1966 Shirali descended from the mountain
1967 A Man Drops Anchor
1968 The Last Night of Childhood
1971 The Day Passed
1973 Your First Hour
1975 An Apple Looks like an Apple
1977 A stab in the Back
1979 Forgive Us
1981 The Day after Tomorrow, at Midnight


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