Aria Finger is the former CEO of and the President of the TMI agency.[1]

Aria Finger
President of the TMI agency
Personal details
Aria Finger
EducationWashington University
Occupationadjunct professor


Aria attended Washington University in St. Louis where she graduated magna cum laude in economics and political science in 2005.

Aria joined in 2005 as an associate, working on varied aspects of the organization including running campaigns and business development, obtaining strategic partnerships, and writing web content. She was named COO of DoSomething in 2010[2] and president of DoSomething subsidiary company TMI in 2013.[3] Aria was appointed as CEO of at the end of October 2015.[4]

Aria also serves as an adjunct professor of nonprofit business management at New York University.[5]


Some of the biggest campaigns that Aria has worked on include: Teens for Jeans,[5] Give a Spit About Cancer,[2] and Thumb Wars[2]

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