Argos Media Group

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Argos Media Group is a television and film production company owned by Epigmenio Ibarra based in Mexico City.[1]

Argos Media Group
Formation1992; 32 years ago (1992)
FoundersCarlos Payán, Epigmenio Ibarra and Hernán Vera
Typecinema producer
OwnersCarlos Payán, Epigmenio Ibarra and Verónica Velasco



The company started as the telenovela-production unit for TV Azteca with Nada personal and has since then produced many telenovelas for this network. It also co-produced Sexo, pudor y lágrimas in 1999 directed by Antonio Serrano who has directed five telenovelas and another film (Lucía, Lucía) with Argos. In 2001, Argos signed a contract with Telemundo to produce telenovels for this network and has since then produced nine, including Gitanas. Argos also owns an acting school, CasAzul, a music unit, Argos Música, and a theater production unit, Argos Teatro. Most of the content produced by Argos is filmed in the majestic Estudios Churubusco that were used to produce all the films during the Mexican gold film era.

As of December 31, 2006, Argos will no longer be co-producing any new projects with Telemundo. Argos has made a deal with TV Azteca to start production of new content. They have Casablanca in pre-production which is slated to start sometime in February 2007.[needs update] Argos will finish up the production of Marina and a few episodes of Decisiones with Telemundo. Also for 2007, Argos is producing a mini-series for HBO Latin America starring Ana de la Reguera.


  • Argos Comunicación, Argos Cine – Film
  • Argos Música
  • Argos Teatro
  • CasAzul – Acting school

Zoom TV


It started out as a website with original content, a reality show with fixed cameras in a real house called Inquilino. Visitors to this website were able to go into a chat room and talk live to the renters living in the house. It also had an internet radio station where Osvaldo Benavides hosted a weekend show.

Zoom TV was the precursor of what Argos' dubbed as "la tercera mirada" (the third look), a new television station, that would compete directly with the giant Televisa and TV Azteca (whom they had just broke ties with). It was in January 2002 when this new TV station would emerge, but legal issues prevented Argos from tubing and this venture as well as the website disappeared.

The programming was to be color-coded based on the content it was showing. For example, red was to be for adults only, while yellow was for the whole family. CEO of Argos, Epigmenio Ibarra does not lose hope that some day, he will have an output in his homeland Mexico, but for now he will only work as a content generator.




No. Title Year Executive producers Network Notes
01 Nada personal 1996 Maika Bernard TV Azteca
02 Mirada de mujer 1997 Marcela Mejía
03 Demasiado corazón Sachiko Uzeta
04 Tentaciones 1998 Ana Celia Urquidi
05 El amor de mi vida Mónica Skorlich
06 La vida en el espejo 1999 Marcela Mejía
07 Todo por amor 2000 Mónica Skorlich TV Azteca
08 Cara o cruz 2001 Carlos Resendi Telemundo
09 Daniela 2002 Patricia Benítez Laucín
10 La virgen de Guadalupe Carlos Resendi
11 Feliz Navidad Mamá[2] Mónica Skorlich
12 Ladrón de corazones[3] 2003 Sachiko Uzeta
13 El alma herida Marcela Mejía
14 Gitanas 2004 Rafael Urióstegui
Iván Aranda
15 Zapata: Amor en rebeldía Sachiko Uzeta
16 Los plateados 2005 Marcela Mejía
17 Corazón partido Daniel Camhi
18 Marina 2006 Rafael Urióstegui
Mary Kathryn Kennedy
19 Mientras haya vida 2007 Marcela Mejía TV Azteca
20 Vivir sin ti 2008 Daniel Camhi
21 Capadocia Andrés Tagliavini HBO Latinoamérica
22 Deseo prohibido Iván Aranda TV Azteca
23 Las Aparicio 2010 Daniel Camhi Cadenatres
24 El sexo débil 2011 Daniel Camhi
25 Bienvenida realidad Gabriela Valentán
26 El octavo mandamiento Carlos Resendi
27 Infames 2012 Daniel Camhi
28 Rosa diamante Marcela Mejía Telemundo
29 Último año Carlos Resendi MTV Latinoamérica
30 La Patrona 2013 Gabriela Valentán Telemundo
31 El Señor de los Cielos Marcela Mejía
Mónica Francesca Vizzi
Seasons 1–7 only
32 Fortuna Carlos Resendi Cadenatres
33 Niñas mal Diego Bonaparte MTV Latinoamérica Season 2 only
34 Las trampas del deseo Rocío Barajas Cadenatres
35 La impostora 2014 Daniel Camhi Telemundo
36 Dos Lunas Marcela Mejía Cadenatres
37 Camelia la Texana Diego Ramón Bravo Telemundo
38 Señora Acero Ana Graciela Ugalde
Mónica Francesca Vizzi
Araceli Sánchez Mariscal
Marcel Ferrer
39 Los miserables Araceli Sánchez Mariscal
40 Vuelve temprano 2015 Carlos Resendi Imagen Televisión
41 La Doña 2016 Gabriela Valentán Telemundo
42 El Chema Patricia Benítez Laucín
Mauricio Ochmann
43 Ingobernable 2017 Ana Graciela Ugalde
Rocío Barajas
44 Enemigo íntimo 2018 Mónica Francesca Vizzi Telemundo
45 Falsa identidad Iván Aranda
46 Yankee 2019 Patricia Benítez Laucin Netflix
47 Preso No. 1 Marcel Ferrer Telemundo
48 El Club Ana Graciela Ugalde Netflix
49 Oscuro deseo 2020 Patricia Benítez Laucin Netflix
50 Buscando a Frida 2021 Mónica Francesca Vizzi Telemundo
51 Donde hubo fuego 2022 Epigmenio Ibarra
Marcela Mejía
José Ignacio Valenzuela
Mónica Vizzi


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