Arev Petrosyan

Arev Petrosyan (Armenian: Արև Պետրոսյան; born May 6, 1972 in Yerevan), is an Armenian artist. Honored artist of the Republic of Armenia (2015).[1][2][3]

Arev Petrosyan
Արև Պետրոսյան
Արև Պետրոսյան, ցուցահանդես, 2008.jpg
Arevik Petrosyan

(1972-05-06) May 6, 1972 (age 48)
Yerevan, Armenia
Known forPainter, professor


Arev (Arevik) Petrosyan was born on May 6, 1972 in Yerevan, Armenia, in the family of the sculptor Benik Petrosyan and violinist, pedagogue, public figure Alice Adamyan.

1987-1991 Arev studied at Panos Terlemezyan College of Fine Arts in the faculty of design, 1991-1995 she studied Computer Graphics and “Management and administration” and in 1991-1998 she was enrolled in the Yerevan State Academy of Arts (faculty of ceramics, art). In 1999 Arev became a member of the Artists' Union of Armenia. In 2014 she donated her artwork “LOVE” to the AIWA organization in San Francisco. In 2013 Arev was included in “Women in Art” volume 1 series of book From Middle Ages to the Modern Art Era. In 2014 Arev Petrosyan's 8,40 x 2,40 meters art work was presented and donated to Holy Trinity Church in Fresno for 100 Year Anniversary of the first Armenian church in United States. In 2015 Arev opened AREV ART GALLERY in the center of Yerevan. In 2015 she was awarded as an honored artist of Republic of Armenia.[4][5]

During the period of 1995-2007 Arev has designed number of television studios upon order of the Armenian National television Company as well as other agencies and television companies–the second channel, “Kaym”, “Paradise”, “Yerkir Media”, “Sharm”, “Shant”, “Shoghakat”, “Internews”, “A1+’’, “AR’’. She designed the information pavilions of the Government of Armenia, Ministry of Jurisdiction, “City FM” radio station. Worked with famous companies as iCon Communication, Schwarzkoph, Coca-Cola. Aesthetic design of television movies “New Year”. She has been the art director in the film “Path” (directed by Ruben Qochar, USA-Armenia). She has done stage design for concerts, staging, different occasions, interior and exterior design of cottages, offices, restaurants, apartments and places.

  • Honored Artist of the RA
  • Member of the Artists’ Union of the RA
  • CEO of “Benik Petrosyan” cultural fund (1997)
  • Founder of Arev Art Gallery (2015)

Founder of “NOOSH AREVI” Armenian brand of clothing, bags, scarfs and assessors, home deco and furniture production based on national heritage, which will be launched in spring 2018.

2007-2017 donated artworks for charity “ORRAN” organization, she is one of GOLD donators.


In 2015 opened AREV ART GALLERY in the center of Yerevan. Along with Arev's work, on display are her brother - Areg Petrosyan's sculptures, as well as her late father Benik Petrosyan's masterpieces.

This art center became a favorite place for residents of Yerevan and its guests. Being famous public person, she is connecting people and bringing to life cultural events and social projects


  • Exhibition at American University of Armenia /AUA/ within “Empowerment of Girls and Women in Armenia” conference, 2017
  • Exhibition at German Embassy in Armenia dedicated to women, 2017
  • “Armenian culture week” in Tokyo, 2016
  • “Women's role in sustainable development” in Paris in UNESCO house, 2016
  • Arev Petrosyan for American University of Armenia (AUA), 2015[6]
  • Beirut Art Fair 2014. GALA ART GALLERY's booth, 2014
  • Monaco Art Fair 2014 SHEDEVR Art GALLERY's booth, 2014
  • Holy Trinity Armenian Church in Fresno, Exhibition and donation of two paintings to the church, 2013
  • Council of Europe, Strasbourg - stained glass picture “Power of Unity” which was put on display at the Assembly Hall, 2013
  • Exhibition of triptych “Power of Unity” at the hall of the Ministerial Committee, 2013
  • Exhibition in Belarus, Armenian days in Minsk, 2013
  • Exhibition of triptych in National Gallery of Armenia “BOOK 500”, 2012
  • “Woman in Art” exhibition in Artists' Union of Armenia, 2012
  • Woman Business Forum, 2012
  • Exhibition in Beirut, 2012
  • Exhibition in Armenian Consulate, Los Angeles, USA, 2012
  • Project “Genocide 100”. Pray (AXOTQ), 2011
  • Opening of “Arev Art Show Room” in Moscow, 2011
  • “Colors from Armenia”, Beirut, 2011[7]
  • Exhibition at the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia, Yerevan, 2010
  • Armenian days in Georgia, Tbilisi, 2010
  • American University of Armenia (AUA), 2010
  • Exhibition in American Embassy, Yerevan, 2010
  • Exhibition & Presentation of Catalogue and DVD “Reflection and Looking, 2009
  • “My golden city” dedicated to the 2790th anniversary of Yerevan, Artists' Union of Armenia, 2008
  • “Dedication” to the memory of Arev Petrosyan's father sculptor Benik Petrosyan, National Gallery of Armenia (family exhibition)Yerevan, 2008
  • The Third Beijing International Art Biennale, China, 2008
  • 75th Anniversary of the Union of Painters of Armenia, Artists' Union of Armenia, Yerevan, 2008
  • III forum of artistic and scientific clerisy of CIS countries, Tajikistan, Dushanbe, 2008
  • March 8th - International Women's day” by the patronage of the First Lady of the Republic of Armenia, Yerevan, 2007
  • Exhibitions National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia, Yerevan, 2006
  • “Woman Painters of Armenia”, Hamazgayin, Yerevan, 2006
  • “Women's Art” The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia, 2005
  • AOKS, Yerevan, Armenia, 2005
  • “My Flowers to the Martyrs” dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Armenian, 2005
  • “Women for peace” UNIFEM, Yerevan (was awarded a prize), 2002
  • United Nations office, Yerevan, 2001
  • UNESCO student camps, Yerevan, 1999
  • Number of exhibitions in the Republic of Armenian, also foreign exhibitions, 1991-1995


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