Ardhendu Sekhar Mustafi

Ardhendu Sekhar Mustafi (25 January 1850 — 5 September 1908) was a Bengali actor, playwright and theater personality.[1]

Ardhendu Shekar Mustafi
অর্ধেন্দু শেখর মুস্তাফি
Born25 January, 1850
Died5 September, 1908 (aged 58)
NationalityBritish Indian
Alma materHare school
OccupationTheater Actor, director, and writer


Mustafi was born at Bagbazar, Kolkata, British India in 1850. He studied in the Hare School. Mustafi first performed in 1867 in a satire drama Kichhu Kichhu Bujhi at Pathuriaghata Royal palace. He joined Bagbazar Amateur Theater group and performed in Sadhabar Ekadashi, written by novelist Dinabandhu Mitra. He was known as a rival and associates actor of Girish Chandra Ghosh.[2] Mustafi helped Ghosh to establish the National Theater in 1872. Amrita Lal Basu described Mustafi as 'An actor made by God' because he could perform different type of characters in a play. In Nildarpan, Mustafi played both male and female roles including the characters of antagonist Englishman, Wood Sahib.[3] He was also a successful drama teacher of Kolkata. Mustafi acted in various stages including Indian National Theater, Great National Theater, Emerald Theater, Arya Natya Samaj, Minerva, Aurora and Star Theater since 1872 to 1904. He also wrote a book named Binar Jhankar.[4]


  • Nabin Tapaswini
  • Durgeshnandini
  • Sirajddaula
  • Mir Kashim
  • Prafulla
  • Rizia
  • Pratapaditya
  • Buro Shaliker Ghare Ro
  • Meghnadbadh
  • Balidan
  • Hirakchurna


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