Arden Way (Sacramento, California)

Arden Way is a major east-west arterial in Sacramento County, California in the United States. It is approximately 8 miles (13 km) long and runs through Sacramento and the unincorporated suburbs of Arden-Arcade and Carmichael.

Arden Way
Maintained bythe City of Sacramento Department of Transportation and the County of Sacramento Department of Transportation (SACDOT)
West endAcoma Street in Sacramento
I-80 Bus. / SR 160 in Sacramento
Watt Avenue near Sacramento
East endAmerican River Parkway in Carmichael

Route descriptionEdit


Arden Way begins at Acoma Street in the North Sacramento area of Sacramento. It is a side street in a light industrial area, running approximately two blocks up to Colfax Street and paralleling the Arden-Garden Connector, the westward continuation for major thoroughfare traffic on Arden Way east of Colfax Street. After Colfax Street, Arden Way gains it major thoroughfare status, intersecting Del Paso Boulevard (old US 40)[1] and running parallel with the Regional Transit light rail tracks and a residential frontage street of Arden Way up until Royal Oaks Drive. It passes two light rail stations: The Arden/Del Paso station and the Royal Oaks station. Arden Way then travels over the light rail and Union Pacific railroad tracks at a large overpass, where the roadway turns southeast towards the interchange of Business 80 (also known as the Capital City Freeway) and Highway 160, known locally as the Arden Y. Arden Way passes Arden Fair Mall, then intersects Exposition Boulevard and Ethan Way, where the roadway turns east, leaving the city of Sacramento and into the unincorporated community of Arden-Arcade.

The unusually large overpass between Evergreen and Harvard Streets was to have been part of the I-80 freeway replacement of what is now the Capital City Freeway (or Business 80). Caltrans abandoned the project in the early 1980s and was turned over to Regional Transit for their light rail system.[2]


After leaving Sacramento, Arden Way immediately intersects Howe Avenue, another major thoroughfare running north-south. It continues east to intersect with other north-south major thoroughfares, including Fulton Avenue, Watt Avenue and Eastern Avenue. As Arden Way meets up with Mission Avenue, it enters the unincorporated community of Carmichael.


After Mission Avenue, Arden Way continues east to Fair Oaks Boulevard, where the roadway then downgrades to a two-lane neighborhood street and turns southeast towards its eastern terminus at the American River Parkway.

It was at this terminus (38°35′21″N 121°19′46″W / 38.589168°N 121.329575°W / 38.589168; -121.329575) that a bridge was planned to cross the American River and connect to Rod Beaudry Drive in Rancho Cordova, but it was never built and the two roads remain unconnected. A pedestrian/bicycle bridge (the Harold Richey Memorial Bridge) crosses the American River at that point, but barricades prevent regular automobile traffic.

Landmarks and points of interestEdit

  • Arden Fair Mall - An enclosed regional shopping center with 165 shops and anchored by four department stores.[3]
  • St. Ignatius Loyola Parish - A historic local church and private school.[4]

Major citiesEdit

Local transportationEdit

RT buses 13,[5] 22,[6] 23[7] and 88[8] operate on Arden Way. RT light rail stations Arden/Del Paso, Royal Oaks and nearby Swanston serve Arden Way.

Major intersectionsEdit

The entire thoroughfare is in Sacramento County.

Location Destinations Notes
Sacramento Arden-Garden Connector Continuation beyond Colfax Street
Colfax Street
Del Paso Boulevard, Grove Avenue, Canterbury Road Former US 40
Royal Oaks Drive, Beaumont Street To SR 160 south and Exposition Boulevard east
   I-80 Bus. (Capital City Freeway) / SR 160 south (North Sacramento Freeway) – Reno, San Francisco, Downtown Sacramento Interchange; former US 40 / US 99E / I-80
Heritage Lane – Cal Expo
Challenge Way
Alta Arden Expressway No right turn from Arden Way west to Alta Arden Expressway east
Exposition Boulevard, Ethan Way No left turn from Arden Way west to Ethan Way south
Howe Avenue
Fulton Avenue
Watt Avenue
Eastern Avenue
Carmichael Fair Oaks Boulevard
American River Parkway East end of Arden Way


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Coordinates: 38°35′46″N 121°24′39″W / 38.59611°N 121.41071°W / 38.59611; -121.41071