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ArchitectureWeek is an international weekly magazine covering architecture and design, published online by Artifice, Inc. in Eugene, Oregon, United States. ArchitectureWeek was founded in May 2000, with its first issue publication on May 17, 2000.[1]

The magazine is aimed at professional architects[2] and other design professionals[3] and enthusiasts[4] with news, design, building technology, design tools, environment, and building culture sections. ArchitectureWeek features cutting-edge designs by leading international architects with high-resolution photos available to subscribers.

The current Editor-in-Chief is Kevin Matthews, MArch. More than 100 authors[2][5] have contributed to more than 540 issues[6] published to date.

ArchitectureWeek is extensively interlinked with Archiplanet, a subject-specific wiki for all buildings and building makers.

The editors of ArchitectureWeek have selected for over ten years, architecture from around the world and across history that documents a thousand buildings and hundreds of leading architects that now comprise the Great Buildings collection. Pages include photographic images and architectural drawings, integrated maps and timelines, 3D building models, commentaries, bibliographies, and web links, with Google Maps throughout.[7]


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