Architects Assist

Architects Assist (AA) is a national organisation of Australian architects, other built environment professionals and students providing pro bono disaster recovery and resilience advice to individuals and communities affected by natural disasters, such as bushfires or floods, or other adverse circumstances.[1][2][3] The organisation operates under the umbrella of the Australian Institute of Architects.[4][5]

Architects Assist
Architects Assist.png
Site visit Architects Assist North Coast NSW.png
AA visiting a burnt house site
Formation4 January 2020
FounderJiri Lev
TypeProfessional organisation
PurposeEquity of access to sustainable and resilient architecture
  • Australia
ServicesArchitecture, landscape architecture, urban planning
Membership (2022)
630 firms
Parent organization
Australian Institute of Architects
Volunteers (2020)
1500 students


Architects Assist was launched on 4 January 2020 by architect Jiri Lev in response to the 2019-20 Australian bushfires disaster, as a "platform for equitable access to sustainable and resilient architecture".[6][7][8][9] By 7 January hundreds of architecture firms, sole practitioners and student volunteers had registered as members and the organisation started receiving first assistance requests from bushfire victims. The organisation operated grassroots, without funding.

On 9 January 2020 Architects Assist formally came under the umbrella of the Australian Institute of Architects. In February 2020 it had about 550 member architecture firms and 1500 architecture student volunteers.[10]

In March 2020 Architects Assist begun including members from related professions such as town planners (PIA) and landscape architects (AILA) and had about 600 participating firms.[11]

AA tour vehicle transiting central Australia in August 2020

After broad initial response both national and global,[12][13][14][15][16][17][18][19] the bushfire recovery was slowed down by the 2020 coronavirus outbreak in Australia. Architects Assist representatives toured bushfire-affected regions across Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia. Simultaneously, local bushfire recovery community workshops were organised by member architects. As of late 2020 hundreds of residential, commercial and civic projects initiated through the organisation were under progress.[20][21]

The initiative was fully taken over by the Australian Institute of Architects in March 2021 to continue serving individuals and communities affected by disasters and other adverse circumstances.

In 2022 Architects Assist provided assistance in Eastern Australia floods recovery.

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