Arc Voltaic (in English: Electric Arc) was a Catalan poetry magazine published in the city of Barcelona.

Only one number of this magazine was published in February 1918. It was directed by Joan Salvat-Papasseit. The cover contains a drawing by the painter Joan Miró. Its authorization for the publication was done by Josep M. de Sucre. It was printed by “Art”, a company situated in Provenza Street in the city of Barcelona. The magazine cost forty five cents and it consisted in 8 pages in a format of 195-135mm. The poems are written in Catalan, Spanish and French.[1]

Theme and collaboratorsEdit

This magazine had a subtitle which showed that its theme was the emotive poetry of avant-garde movement. The number consisted in only 8 pages and contained poems from Salvat-Papasseit, its director, and other authors like Emili Eroles, Joaquim Folguera, J. Torres Garcia and Antoni d’Ignacios. Moreover, it contained drawings from Joan Miró and Rafael Barradas.[2] Arc Voltaic was very important in the diffusion of the avant-garde movement called Vibracionisme promoted by Rafael Barradas.[3]


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