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Arash Derambarsh (Persian: آرش درم‌بخش‎) is a French politician, author, and lawyer.[1] He is also the City Councillor of Courbevoie, France. He is an active spokesperson against food waste.[2]

Arash Derambarsh
Personal details
Born (1979-07-25) 25 July 1979 (age 39)
13th arrondissement of Paris, France


Early lifeEdit

Arash Derambarsh was born on 25 July 1979 in Paris to Iranian parents.

Fighting against food wasteEdit

Being informed of the huge pile of food expired and dumped in the cities by supermarkets and people, he has tried to give the food that is still usable to the poor. Derambarsh successfully gathered 21,000 signatures, by the help of his group, and bring a bill to the parliament. Eventually his bill was passed, according to which that any supermarkets that are larger than 400 square meters are not allowed to dump the usable expired food but they should give them to the poor or to the fertilizer company's as animal food.[3][4][5] The children must also be trained in the schools to consume food in the right way. [6] He wrote his debut book Manifeste contre le gaspillage alimentaire. It is the story of a parliament representative who try to avoid the large supermarkets dump their usable expired food. He won Edgar-Faure award for his book as the best political book of the year.[7] He was named as one of the one hundred thinkers of the world in 2016 by Foreign Policy.[8] he wrote the book Tomber 9 fois, se relever 10 - Échec scolaire, ne jamais lâcher, on 2019.[9][10]


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