Aracus (admiral)

Aracus (Ancient Greek: Ἄρακος) was a man of ancient Sparta who served as an ephor in 409 BCE.[1] He was appointed nauarch (ναύαρχος) of the Spartan fleet in 405, with Lysander as his vice-admiral (ἐπιστολεύς); Lysander was to have the actual power, but could not be named nauarch because Spartan law did not allow the same person to hold this office twice.[2][3][4][5]

In 398, Aracus was sent into Asia as one of the commissioners to inspect the state of things there, and to prolong the command of Dercyllidas;[6] and in 369, he was one of the ambassadors sent to Athens,[7] where Ἄρακος (Aracus) should be read instead of Ἄρατος (Aratus), though some sources confuse the names.


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