Aqaba Thermal Power Plant

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The Aqaba Thermal Power Station is the largest power station in Jordan.[1] It has a total generation capacity of 656 MW, which consists of five steam turbines units (5 x 130 MW), and two hydraulic turbines (2 x 3 MW). The power station is fueled by natural gas and by fuel oil.[2] It is operated by the Central Electricity Generating Company of Jordan.

Aqaba Thermal Power Station
Coordinates29°22′40″N 34°58′22″E / 29.37778°N 34.97278°E / 29.37778; 34.97278Coordinates: 29°22′40″N 34°58′22″E / 29.37778°N 34.97278°E / 29.37778; 34.97278
Commission date1986
Owner(s)Central Electricity Generating Company
Thermal power station
Primary fuelNatural gas
Secondary fuelFuel oil
Power generation
Units operational5 x 130 MW
2 x 3 MW
Nameplate capacity656 MW
Annual net output
  • 1,771,638.53 MW h (2017)

The Aqaba Thermal Power Station was established in 1986 as an oil-fueled power station.[3] After construction of the Arab Gas Pipeline, the power station was switched to use natural gas.[1]


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