Apu Mayta, also called Apo Maita, was an Inca general. He commanded the army under the Inca emperors Yawar Waqaq, Viracocha Inca and Pachacuti.[1][2]

Apo Maita
Died15th century
AllegianceInca Empire

Apo Maita is the cousin of Yawar Waqaq.[3]

Wicakquiraw Inca and Apu Mayta were the main generals of the Inca army under the reign of Yahuar Huacac, and operated most of his conquests.[3]

Following the regicide of Yahuar Huacac, Viracocha Inca took power.[4]

Under the reign of Viracocha, Apu Mayta took part in a conspiracy fomented by the supporters of Cusi Yupanqui. But the Chanka attack on Cusco interrupted the operation. Apu Mayta supported Cusi Yupanqui during the defense of Cusco.[2]

Following the investiture of Cusi Yupanqui, who changed his name to Pachacuti, Apu Mayta accompanied the emperor on a military expedition against the old allies of the Chankas.[2]

After the death of Pachacuti he is no longer mentioned in the Spanish chronicles.[citation needed]


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