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AprizeSat is an American micro-satellite platform for low Earth orbit communications satellites. It is marketed as a low-cost solution, with a claimed cost of US$1.2 million per satellite for a 24-to-48-satellite constellation.[1] As of 2014, twelve spacecraft based on the Aprize bus have been launched.[2]

ManufacturerSpaceQuest, Ltd.
Country of originUnited States
OperatorSpaceQuest, LatinSat, exactEarth, SpaceQuest
ApplicationsIdentification and tracking for ships, containers and vehicles
Design life10 years
Launch mass13 kg (29 lb)
Dimensions250 mm × 250 mm × 250 mm (9.8 in × 9.8 in × 9.8 in)
Volume0.015 m3 (0.53 cu ft)
Power7.7 W minimum
EquipmentOmnidirectional UHF radio
RegimeLow Earth orbit
First launch20 December 2002
Last launch19 June 2014

Launch historyEdit

Satellite name Launch date Status
LatinSat 1 2002-12-20 Operational[citation needed]
LatinSat 2 2002-12-20 Operational[citation needed]
LatinSat C (AprizeSat 1) 2004-06-29 Operational[citation needed]
LatinSat D (AprizeSat 2) 2004-06-29 Operational[citation needed]
AprizeSat-3 2009-07-29 Operational[citation needed]
AprizeSat-4 2009-07-29 Operational[citation needed]
AprizeSat-5 2011-08-17 Operational
AprizeSat-6 2011-08-17 Operational
AprizeSat-7 2013-11-21 Operational
AprizeSat-8 2013-11-21 Operational
AprizeSat 9 2014-06-19 Operational
AprizeSat 10 2014-06-19 Operational


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