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Applied Econometrics and International Development

Applied Econometrics and International Development (AEID) is an international journal of economics published by the Euro-American Association of Economic Development Studies. The journal debuted in 2001 and by 2006 was amongst the Top 50 most downloaded journals from Research Papers in Economics (RePEc). Nobel Prize winner Lawrence R. Klein is Honorary member of its Advisory Board and has contributed as an author.

A sampling of the types of articles found in the journal include:

Economic growth and cycles: Cross-country models of education, industry and fertility and international comparisons by Guisan, M.C. & Aguayo, E. & Exposito, P. (Vol.1-1, 2001)AEID articles

The Impact of Foreign Banks on Market Concentration: The Case of India by Sathye, M (Vol.2-2,2002)

Trade Openness And Economic Growth Can We Estimate The Precise Effect? by Georgios Karras (Vol.3-1, 2003)

China and India: Two Asian Economic Giants, Two Different Systems by Klein, L. R. (Vol.4-1, 2004)

Macroeconomic Modelling: Approaches and Experiences in Development Countries by Valadkhani, A. (Vol.5-1, 2005)

Direct and Indirect Effects of Human Capital on World Development, 1960-2004 by Guisan,M.C. & Neira, I. (Vol.6-1, 2006)

AEID is a refereed journal indexed in Econ-Lit (USA), SCOPUS of Elsevier, Sosig, Intute (UK), WebEc (Finland), Econometriclinks (Rotterdam, Ne) DEST (Australia), ISOC-CINDOC (Spain), Latindex Selected Catalogue (UNAM, Mexico), Ideas-Repec, Social Science Research Network (SSRN) and other selected indexes of Economics research. It has reached high positions at Ideas.Repec on number of downloads and downloads per item.

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