Appaloosa bean

The Appaloosa bean is a cultivar bean variety of the species Phaseolus vulgaris.

Appaloosa bean
Hybrid parentagePhaseolus vulgaris
OriginWashington (U.S. state)
Appaloosa Bean
Nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz)
Energy0.745019 kJ (0.178064 kcal)
53 g
Dietary fiber33 g
0 g
378 mg
4 mg
Percentages are roughly approximated using US recommendations for adults.

Seed and plant characteristicsEdit

The Appaloosa Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris), plant grows up to 24 inches (610 mm) tall, with the beans about a 12 inch (13 mm) in length. The pods can be eaten as a fresh green bean.[1] Front portion of the bean is ivory colored; the other end is speckled with purple and mocha. The bean is named after the Appaloosa ponies of the Nez Perce tribe. The seed was cultivated near the Palouse River in Eastern Washington & Northern Idaho. With similarities to the pinto bean, some attribute the bean to like the New Mexican Appaloosa, which is actually a different variety of bean.[2][3]


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