Apariencias (English: Appearances) is a 2000 Argentine romantic comedy film directed by Alberto Lecchi and starring Andrea del Boca and Adrián Suar. It was written by Gustavo Belatti and Mario Segade, based on an idea by Adrián Suar.[1] The film was screened in the US in May 2001[2] and released on DVD in 2004.[3]

DVD cover
Directed byAlberto Lecchi
Produced byFernando Blanco
Adrián Suar
Juan Pablo Galli
Written byGustavo Belatti
Mario Segade
StarringAndrea del Boca
Adrián Suar
Music byIván Wyszogrod
CinematographyMarcelo Iaccarino
Edited byAlejandro Alem
Alejandro Parysow
Distributed byNaya Films
Release date
22 June 2000
Running time
94 minutes
Country Argentina

Plot summaryEdit

Carmelo is 30 years old and extremely shy. He is in love with his co-worker Verónica, but finds it difficult to reveal his feelings to her. She is sent to work abroad for three months, and when she announces her return, Carmelo decides to meet her at the airport, accompanied by his friend Beto, and confess that he loves her. However, the woman returns with a handsome boyfriend, Federico, whom she is engaged to. Carmello is heartbroken and upon leaving the airport, he is accidentally entangled with a gay rally. In an odd twist of fate, Verónica spots Carmelo and assumes that he himself is gay. He doesn't correct the wrong impression and takes advantage of this misunderstanding to get closer to her. They start working on a project together and Verónica falls for Carmelo.



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