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Anu or Ana (sometimes given as Anann or Anand) is the name of a goddess mentioned briefly in Irish mythology. The 9th century Sanas Cormaic (Cormac's Glossary) says in its entry for her: "Ana - mother of the gods of Ireland; well did she feed the gods". She may be a goddess in her own right,[1] or another name for Danu. In the Lebor Gabála Érenn, Anand is given as another name for The Morrígan.[2] As her name is often conflated with a number of other goddesses, it is not always clear which figure is being referred to if the name is taken out of context.[1] The name may be derived from the Proto-Celtic theonym *Φanon-.[3]

Anu has particular associations with Munster: the pair of breast shaped hills known as the Paps of Anu (Dá Chích Anann or "the breasts of Anu")[4] in County Kerry are said to have been named after her.[2]

While an Irish goddess, in parts of Britain a similar figure is referred to as “Gentle Annie”, in an effort to avoid offence, a tactic which is similar to referring to the fairies as “The Good People”.[5]


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