Antonio Rotta

Antonio Rotta (28 February 1828 – 10/11 September 1903) was an Italian painter, mainly of genre subjects.

Antonio Rotta
Antonio Rotta - The Hopeless Case - Walters 37182.jpg
The Hopeless Case painted by Rotta in 1871
Born28 February 1828
Died10 or 11 September 1903
Venice, Italy
EducationAccademia di Belle Arti di Venezia
Ludovico Lipparini
Known forgenre painting, Venetian life
Notable work
Il Ciabattino

Rotta was born on 28 February 1828 in Gorizia in the Kingdom of Illyria. He enrolled at the Accademia Reale di Belle Arti of Venice, where he studied under Ludovico Lipparini. His early genre paintings of Venetian scenes were followed by a number of religious and history paintings, among them Tiziano istruisce Irene di Spilimbergo ("Titian teaching Irene of Spilimberg").[1] He returned to genre painting, and produced many scenes of Venetian life, often featuring children.[1] One of the best-known of these was Il Ciabattino, "the cobbler".[2]: 436 

Many of his works were sold abroad.[2]: 436  In 1891 he exhibited in Berlin.[3]

Rotta was married to a daughter of Lattanzio Querena; they had a son, the painter Silvio Giulio Rotta.[1]

Rotta died in Venice on 10[1] or 11 September 1903.[3]




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