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Antonius is the nomen of the gens Antonia, one of the most important families in ancient Rome, with both patrician and plebeian branches. It is also the source of the English personal name Anthony, as well as a number of similar names in various European languages.

Other names
See alsoAnt, Anthony, Antoine, Antonietta, Antoinette, Antonia, Antonio, Anton, Antanas, Antony, Tony, Antun, Ante

Marcus Antonius claimed that the gens was descended from Anton, a son of Heracles. Women of the family were called Antonia. The Antonii produced a number of important generals and politicians, some of whom are listed below. For other persons with this name, see Antonia (gens).


Other AntoniiEdit

Women of the gensEdit

Other ancient people with the name AntoniusEdit

Latinized medieval and Renaissance nameEdit

Adopted name by Roman Catholic clergyEdit

Modern given nameEdit

Antonius or Anthonius is a common given name in the Netherlands; in daily life, most people with this name use short forms like Antoine, Anton, Antoni(e), Antoon, Teun, Teunis, Theunis, Theuns, Toine, Ton, Tony, Toon and Twan.

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