Antireligioznik (Russian: «Антирелигиозник»; translation: Opponent of religion, lit. Antireligionist, was a monthly scientific and methodical atheistic magazine in Russian, the organ of the Central Council of the League of Militant Atheists of the USSR, and was published in Moscow from January 1926 to June 1941.[1]

Antireligioznik (Антирелигиозник)
EditorY. M. Yaroslavsky
Year foundedJanuary, 1926
Final issueJune, 1941
CountrySoviet Union/Russia
Based inMoscow

The editor of the publication was Y. M. Yaroslavsky. Antireligioznik systematically covered the experience of the atheistic work of the League of Militant Atheists, published articles on the history of religion and atheism, propagated scientific atheism, and addressed from a Marxist standpoint questions of criticism of religion.

Antireligioznik had a volume of about 130 pages, consisting of articles with headings such as "Anti-religious education in school", "Letters from the field", "Chronicle", "Methodology of anti-religious propaganda", and "Criticism and bibliography." Among the magazine's authors were V. D. Bonch-Bruevich, N. K. Krupskaya, A. T. Lukachevsky (deputy editor), and activists of the League of Militant Atheists.[2] The section "Chronicle" contained detailed information on the League of Militant Atheists' actions in various regions of the USSR. In the section "Criticism and Bibliography", reviews were published on books of anti-religious content (Ateist, Bezbozhnik and others), and reviews of current publications on atheistic topics were given. The magazine developed the ideological foundations of mass atheist propaganda, directed primarily against Orthodoxy carried out through the lower organizations (cells) of the LMG. Antireligioznik also published articles and notes directed against Catholicism and Protestantism.

After 1960, the USSR published the magazine Nauka i religiya [ru] (Russian: «Наука и религия», lit. Science and Religion).[3][4]

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