Antidote (band)

Antidote were a punk rock band from the Netherlands.

OriginAmsterdam/Rotterdam/Utrecht, Netherlands
GenresPunk rock
Years active1996-2012, 2017 - present
LabelsDirty Faces (Europe)
Rodent Popsicle (US)
Charged Records (US)
Attack Records (Europe)
Neurempire Records (Russia)
Associated actsGame Over
Svarta Lågor
The Establishment
MembersBart Smeels
Arne Smeels
Joris van Hoboken
Jaeques Koeman
Huib van Oostendorp

The band formed in 1996 and has released several records.[1] The band has toured extensively in Europe, North America and Russia.[2] In December 2012, the band officially announced their break-up.[3]


Studio albums (LP/CD)Edit

  • No communication LP/CD 2007 Dirty Faces (LP/CD), Rodent Popsicle Records (LP/CD), Neuroempire Records (CD)
  • Another Dose LP/CD 2006 Dirty Faces (LP/CD), Rodent Popsicle Records (CD), Neuroempire Records (CD), SOS Records (CD)
  • Back in Year Zero LP/CD 2003 Dirty Faces, 2005 Neuroempire Records, 2006 Rodent Popsicle Records
  • Go Pogo! 10"/LP/CD 2000 Dirty Faces (10"/LP/CD), 2001 Charged Records (LP/CD), 2005 Neuroempire Records (CD)
  • "My Life!" LP/CD 1999 Charged Records (LP/CD), 2001 Dirty Faces (pic LP/CD), 2005 Neuroempire Records (CD)

EPs (7")Edit

  • De Blauwe Moet Blijven 7", 2000 Injection Records
  • Let's Get Drunk 7", 1998 Injection Records, 2001 Dirty Faces (pic 7")
  • Bounce the Bouncer 7", 1997 Injection Records


  • 1997 s/t demotape

Split EPs (7")Edit

  • split with Seein Red, 2004 Attack Records
  • split with NY-Relx, 2002 Dirty Faces
  • "Keine Arbeit" split with The Shocks and Die Strohsäcke, 2000 Attack Records
  • split met Worhäts, 1999 Attack Records

Compilations (incomplete)Edit

  • 10 Jahre Attack Records 7", 2004 Attack Records
  • Human Dust Punk/HC compilation 7", 1999 Na Und Records
  • Internationally Yours compilation 7", 1999 Ditchdiggin Records
  • Punx Unite 2 compilation LP/CD, 2000 Charged Records
  • Punk and Disoi!rderly compilation, 2001 Step One Music

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