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Anticomp Folkilation is a 2-CD compilation album featuring a variety of artists from New York's anti-folk scene.

Anticomp Folkilation
Compilation album by
Various Artists
ReleasedFebruary 11, 2007
LabelCrafty Records
ProducerDan Treiber, Dan Costello, Brook Pridemore
Professional ratings
Review scores
Time Out New York3/5 stars [1]

Sounds and ThemesEdit

This album itself has been described as incongruous, yet in line with traditional Folk and Punk sensibilities.

Track listingEdit

CD 1Edit

  1. Major Matt Mason USA-Tripping Yourself
  2. Brook Pridemore-Sugar Coma (Snakes on My Brain)
  3. Soft Black-The Earth is Black
  4. The Wowz-You're Lovely
  5. Toby Goodshank-Black Eye
  6. A Brief View of the Hudson-She Will Never Speak
  7. Jeffrey Lewis and Diane Cluck-The River
  8. Jason Trachtenburg-Anyone Can Tell (In the Rain)
  9. Kimya Dawson-Will You Be Me
  10. Masheen Gun Kelly-Don't Bug Me I'm On My First Cup
  11. Lowry-Boone's Farm
  12. Elastic No-No Band-Sally's Strut
  13. ThREe DrinKs tO LizZie-splash'o'gin
  14. Beau Johnson-Gypsy
  15. The Real Urban Barnyard-Pooper Scooper
  16. Dan Penta-Joyless Now
  17. Lach-Baby
  18. Dan Costello-M&M's (I Love You More)

CD 2Edit

  1. Eric Wolfson-Sleeping is a Sucker's Game
  2. Griffin and the True Believers-Beautiful Weather
  3. Ivan Sandomire-Drunk Faeries
  4. Matt Singer-VHS
  5. Erin Regan-Your Mom's Car
  6. Paleface-I Don't Think I Like You (As Much As I Used To)
  7. David LK Murphy-Peace of Mind
  8. Dead Blonde Girlfriend-Velvet Coffin
  9. The Festival-The Ink Festival
  10. Ben Godwin-Terminus
  11. The Sewing Circle-Sewer Gators NYC
  12. Creaky Boards-I'm So Serious This Time
  13. The Bowmans-The Slumber
  14. Dan Fishback-Faggotssaywhat?
  15. Frank Hoier-I Can't Love You Anymore
  16. Debe Dalton-Ed's Song
  17. Urban Barnyard-Johnny's Kitchen


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