Anticimex is an international modern pest control company. Anticimex means "Against bed bugs". Anticimex is mainly owned by EQT and have subsidiaries in 18 countries.[3]

Flick Anticimex
Founded1934 (1934)[1]
FounderWilliam Albert Flick
Key people
Jarl Dahlfors (CEO)[2]
Gunnar Asp(Chairman)[2]
ServicesPest Control, weed control, gutter
Number of employees
about 5,600[3]
Former headquarters of Anticimex in Skeppsbron, Stockholm
Swedish warning for Anticimex ratpoison
Trap containing Anticimex ratpoison

Flick Anticimex operates in the areas of pest control, building environments and hygiene. The company aim to create a healthy indoor environment through prevention, technology and sustainable solutions.[citation needed] Flick Anticimex employs around 5600 people, serving 2.5 million customers worldwide. In 2015, combined sales amounted to approximately 3.9 billion kronor.

In 1910 William Albert Flick, a dairy farmer, created a chemical compound that would control termites. His process and product were effective enough to found his own pest control business in 1918: called W.A. Flick & Co, later known as Flick Pest Control. Flick Anticimex was then established in Sweden at 1934 during a time when approximately half of Swedish homes were infested with bed bugs.[4]

The company has offices in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and USA. From 2006 to 2012 the firm was owned by Ratos and listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

In most countries, the company is known from its original name "Anticimex"; in Australia and New Zealand it is known as "Flick Anticimex".[5][6]

In 2012 Anticimex was sold to investor-owned EQT. The parent company is Anticimex International AB and the head office is located in Stockholm, Sweden.


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