In Greek mythology, Anthas (Ἅνθας), also Anthes (Ἅνθης), was a son of Poseidon and Alcyone, and brother of Hyperes. The brothers were eponymous founders and first kings of the cities Hyperea and Anthea in a region they reigned over; later on these two cities were merged into the historical Troezen.[1] Anthas was father of at least two sons, Aëtius and Dius,[2] of whom Aëtius was the successor to both his father and uncle, and further co-ruled with Pittheus and Troezen.[1] The descendants of Anthas through Aëtius reputedly founded colonies in Caria: Halicarnassus and Myndus,[3] and accordingly the people of Halicarnassus were referred to by the poetic epithet Antheades 'descendants of Anthas'.[4] Alternately, Halicarnassus was founded by Anthas himself.[5] Anthas also was the presumed eponym of Anthedon, over which he was said to have reigned,[6] and of Anthana in Laconia.[7]

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