Anno 1790 is a Swedish historic crime drama starring Peter Eggers, Joel Spira and Linda Zilliacus. The first season was broadcast on SVT in the autumn of 2011 and ran for 10 episodes.[2][3]

Anno 1790
Historical Drama
Written byJonas Frykberg
Directed byRickard Petrolius
StarringPeter Eggers Joel Spira
Country of originSweden
No. of episodes10
ProducersJohan Mardell
Rolf Sohlman
Lisa Dahlberg.
Production locationsKumla, Stockholm
CinematographyGeir Hartly Andreassen
Running time60 min.
Production companiesPampas Produktion[1]
Sveriges Television
TV2 Norge
Original networkSVT1


The series is based on an original idea by executive producer Johan Mardell and lead writer Jonas Frykberg. Richard Petrelius directed most episodes aided by Levan Akin and Christina Humle.[2] The Guldbagge Award winning cinematographer Geir Hartly Andreassen was also signed on to the project[4] . The main scriptwriter is Jonas Frykberg.[4] and will work with Sara Heldt and Alex Haridi.[5]

Plot summaryEdit

The main character is Johan Gustav Dåådh (Peter Eggers) a former army physician from the Russo-Swedish War (1788–1790), now criminal inspector in Stockholm. He is inspired by the French Revolution and the new ideas of his time. He is an atheist, a strong supporter of Republicanism and has embraced Voltaire's freethought philosophy. He has also fallen in love with his superior officer Walhstedt's wife Magdalena. Dåådh and Magdalena both share the same world view and this brings them into a romantic relationship. Dåådh struggles with changing the current world while influencing his revolutionary friends to refrain from violence and an armed struggle.[5][6]

Inspector Dåådh's assistant is Simon Freund, portrayed by Joel Spira. Simon Freund is in many ways Inspector Dåådh's opposite, being a more conservative man with a strong faith in God, though he does have a bad habit of drinking.[6]



Production on the series started in September 2010. Most scenes have been filmed in an abandoned hangar (converted into a studio) located in a quarry outside Kumla. Several scenes have been shot in Stockholm's historic quarters.[5]

The series has been shot using Arriflex Alexa, a film-style digital motion picture camera similar to Red One.[8]


  1. Between Blood and Lilacs
    • Johan Gustav Dåådh, an army surgeon returned from war, is escorting a patient, Simon Freund, home to Stockholm when he is offered the post of police commissioner. Initially reluctant, he is smitten with the chief constable's wife, Magdalena, and, at her request, accepts the offer. He takes Freund as his assistant.
  2. The Perfumed Pistol
    • A shop owner is found dead with a knife in his chest. A man is caught apparently red-handed, but Dåådh has questions.
  3. Fickle Woman
    • Dåådh goes to question a man printing radical pamphlets, but finds him with his skull crushed in his own printing press.
  4. Good Evening, Beautiful Mask!
    • Dåådh is under pressure to find a masked and dangerous burglar. He is offered help by the hypnotist Cagliostri.
  5. The Wages of Sin Is Death
    • A bomb explodes in a crowded coffee house. Dåådh, however, is ordered to interrupt his investigation to stop a pietist church service, which Freund regularly attends. Then, a respected pastor of the state church is found burned to death.
  6. A Toast to the Scaffold
    • An old comrade of Dåådh's is charged with treason and executed in the town square. By royal order, his body is sent for dissection, but on the way it disappears and its escorts are found murdered.
  7. The Blind Hand of Fate
    • A child's dead body is found in a pile of dung amid the excrement and rubbish on Stockholm's shoreline. More bodies are found. Dåådh's investigation leads to the Great Orphanage and the drawing of the Number Lottery, whose sponsor is a friend of the King and therefore unimpeachable.
  8. The Die Is Cast
    • A landowner is found dead, kicked to death by his horse. Dåådh determines it was murder, but finds little evidence and no shortage of suspects. The chief constable demands a quick result.
  9. The Voices of the Dead
    • Dåådh is called to Uppsala by his former professor to solve a murder there. But he soon finds his own life is in danger.
  10. A Different Kingdom
    • In his absence, the situation in Stockholm has become dangerous. Freund goes missing, and enemies on two sides are closing in on Dåådh. He is forced to rethink his decision to stay.

Home videoEdit

The series was released to DVD in 2012.[9]


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