Anne Julie de Melun

Anne Julie de Melun (Anne Julie Adélaïde; 1698 – 18 May 1724) was a French noblewoman, by birth member of House of Melun and mother of Charles de Rohan, Duke of Rohan-Rohan the famous general of Louis XV as well as Madame de Marsan. She died of smallpox in her twenties.

Anne Julie
Princess of Soubise
Full name
Anne Julie Adélaïde de Melun
Died18 May 1724
Hôtel de Soubise, Paris, France
Noble familyMelun (by birth)
Rohan (by marriage)
(m. 1714; died 1724)
FatherLouis de Melun
MotherÉlisabeth Thérèse de Lorraine


Born in 1698, she was baptised with the names Anne Julie Adélaïde and was known as Anne Julie. Born to Louis de Melun, Prince d'Epinoy, and his wife Élisabeth Thérèse de Lorraine, princesse de Lillebonne she was the second of two children. Her brother Louis de Melun disappeared in 1724, two months after her death.

She was the Lady of Boubers in her own right.[1] The peerage was confiscated in 1789.[1]

At the age of roughly fifteen, she married Jules, Prince of Soubise. The couple were wed in Paris on 16 September 1714. Her husband was a member of the Princely House of Rohan and with the marriage, Anne Julie took on the style of Her Highness. Her husbands parents were Hercule Mériadec, Duke of Rohan-Rohan and Anne Geneviève de Lévis.

She and her husband were second cousins. Anne Julie was an under governess to the children of France working with Madame de Ventadour, her husband's maternal grandmother.

The couple had five children in all. She and her husband died in Paris of smallpox. Her eldest son Charles succeeded as Prince of Soubise. Her brother's disappearance, led to the Principality of Epinoy (previously enjoyed by Anne Julie's father) was given to her son, Charles.[2]



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