Anna Maria Janer Anglarill

Anna Maria Janer Anglarill (18 December 1800 - 11 January 1885) was a Spanish Roman Catholic Nun who established the Sisters of the Holy Family of Urgell. She dedicated her life to the service of God through aiding the poor and downtrodden across Spain in hospitals and educational facilities.[1]

Anna Maria Janer Anglarill
Last known photograph of Janer.
Born(1800-12-18)18 December 1800
Cervera, La Segarra, Lleida, Kingdom of Spain
Died11 January 1885(1885-01-11) (aged 84)
Talarn, Pallars Jussà, Lleida, Kingdom of Spain
Venerated inRoman Catholic Church
Beatified8 October 2011, Urgell, Lleida, Spain by Cardinal Angelo Amato
Feast11 January
AttributesReligious habit
PatronageSisters of the Holy Family of Urgell

The beatification celebration for the late religious was held on 8 October 2011 in Urgell. Cardinal Angelo Amato presided over the celebration on the behalf of Pope Benedict XVI.


Anna Maria Janer Anglarill was born on 18 December 1800 in Spain to Josep Janer i Pallés and Magina Anglarill i Olivé. She studied at the Real Colegio de Educandras.[1]

She decided to devote herself to the service of God at the age of sixteen so joined the Sisters of Charity on 25 January 1819. In May 1819 she made her vows.

Janer worked as a nurse at the Castelltort Hospital. She also served as the Director of the House of Charity - after her 1849 appointment - and in that position helped to care for both the old and children who were orphaned.[1] In 1833 the outbreak of the First Carlist War made the hospital take in wounded soldiers.[2] Janer became a well-known figure in the hospital due to providing consolation and to patients and staff alike when the hospital had to work to cater to greater numbers of wounded patients. The war wounded referred to her as "Mother" due to her tender care and devotion.[2] Janer also worked as a teacher and commissioned a hospital dedicated to the treatment of the poor.

In 1836 nuns were expelled from Spain and so she went to France in Toulouse where she worked at a hospital for a brief period of time. She also was called to coordinate hospitals in Solsona at the behest of Charles V. In 1844 she returned to her original hospital. She also founded the Sisters of the Holy Family of Urgell on 29 June 1859 which would spread to Andorra and Mexico amongst other places.[2]

She died in 1885 at the age of 84.[1][2]


The beatification process commenced on 8 April 1952 - in the pontificate of Pope Pius XII - in a process that opened in Barcelona that granted Janer the posthumous title of Servant of God. That process concluded around a week and a half later on 22 April 1952 enabling the second to open in Buenos Aires on 9 May 1952. The process concluded its business on 27 July 1952. The final process opened in Córdoba on 9 July 1952 and concluded its work on 27 July 1952 at the same time the Buenos Aires process had closed.

In Urgell the informative process opened on 21 November 1952 and concluded its work on 18 December 1953 after having finished its set tasks. Theologians compiled all of her works not long after and approved the fact that her writings remained in full line with the magisterium of the faith in a decree of 3 March 1957. It was not until decades later on 28 January 1994 that the Congregation for the Causes of Saints validated all the previous process which would enable them to begin their own investigation in what would be the so-called "Roman Phase". This allowed for the postulation to send the Positio in 2001 to the C.C.S. But it first had to receive the approval of historians in order to ascertain whether or not there would be historical obstacles to the cause. Historians approved it on 15 January 2002 which allowed for theologians to also discuss the cause and approve it on 24 October 2008. The C.C.S. also voiced approval on 16 June 2009.

On 3 July 2009 she was proclaimed to be Venerable after Pope Benedict XVI had approved the fact that she had lived a model Christian life of heroic virtue.

The investigation for a miracle commenced in the Archdiocese of Barcelona on 13 April 1956 and concluded its business on 15 April 1957. It received validation from the C.C.S. on 27 September 1986 while allowing for a second process to take place in order to re-evaluate what would be deemed as a historical medical healing. The supplementary process spanned from 3 July 2001 until 7 July 2001 and was ratified on 5 April 2002. Medical professionals in Rome approved the healing to be a miracle in a meeting of 15 November 2009 while consulting theologians followed suit on 31 January 2010. The C.C.S. gave their approval on 16 November 2010 while Benedict XVI granted his personal approval to the cause on 10 December 2010 which would allow for a beatification celebration to take place.

Cardinal Angelo Amato presided over the beatification on the behalf of the pontiff on 8 October 2011.

The current postulator assigned to the cause is María del Pilar Adín Carreras.


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