Ann and Eve

Ann and Eve (Swedish: Ann och Eve - de erotiska, lit.'Ann and Eve - the erotic ones') is a 1970 Swedish-Yugoslav erotic drama film directed by Arne Mattsson and starring Gio Petré and Marie Liljedahl as the title characters. The film also stars Francisco Rabal.

Ann and Eve
Film Poster for Ann and Eve.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byArne Mattsson
Produced byLennart Berns
Bert Sundberg
(executive producer)
Written byErnest Hotch
StarringGio Petré
Marie Liljedahl
Francisco Rabal
Music byBengt-Arne Wallin
CinematographyMax Wilén
Edited byWic Kjellin
Jadran Film
Omega Film
Distributed byChevron Pictures (US)
Astral Films (Canada)
Pallas Film (Sweden)
Release date
August 3, 1970
Running time
89 minutes
Box office$18,000,000[1]


An erotic drama about a youthful bride-to-be who takes a holiday to Yugoslavia with a cynical and evil lesbian film critic (and murderess) that leads to debauchery, degradation with a dwarf, a dinner with naked entertainers and other highlights.


Ann and Eve was a major commercial success. Released in the United States on August 3, 1970, the film grossed $18 million at the North American box office,[1] making it the 17th highest-grossing film of 1970.[2]

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