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Anicius Auchenius Bassus (consul 431)

Flavius Anicius Auchenius Bassus (fl. 425–435) was a high official of the Western Roman Empire. He was appointed as consul by the Western court with Antiochus Chuzon as a colleague.[1] In 435 he held for the second time the office of praetorian prefect of Italy.


Bassus belonged to the noble gens Anicia; his father was the Anicius Auchenius Bassus consul in 408.

In 425 he held the rank of comes rerum privatarum at the Western court;[2] the following year was praetorian prefect, perhaps of Italy.[3]

He made accusations against Pope Sixtus III; when Emperor Valentinian III learned of these accusations, he ordered a synod to be convoked, at which the accusations were investigated and the Pope cleared by 56 bishops.[4]


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Political offices
Preceded by
Flavius Theodosius Augustus XIII,
Flavius Placidus Valentinianus Augustus III
Consul of the Roman Empire
with Flavius Antiochus
Succeeded by
Flavius Aetius,
Flavius Valerius