Angola Transfer Company

The Angola Transfer Company, organized in November 1906, was a railroad car float operation that primarily ferried cars of the Louisiana Railway and Navigation Company across the Mississippi River between Angola and Naples, Louisiana.[1] The route was shortened to Angola–Torras in 1928 when a joint highway–rail bridge was built across the Atchafalaya River at Simmesport. The LR&N took over the Angola Transfer Company's property in 1929, concurrently with its lease to the Louisiana and Arkansas Railway. The L&A absorbed the LR&N in 1934 and abandoned the car float in 1940 after the Huey P. Long Bridge opened at Baton Rouge.[2]

The Angola Ferry used to operate nearby, carrying automobiles across the Mississippi; its west landing is about 2 miles (3.2 km) south of the old Torras landing of the L&A.


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