Andy Donaldson (swimmer)

Andrew Donaldson (born 10 February 1991 in Irvine, Scotland) is a Scottish-Australian marathon swimmer. Donaldson is a three-time world record holder[1] with records including the fastest time to complete the Oceans Seven marathon swim challenge,[1] and the fastest swim across the Cook Strait - the waters between New Zealand's North and South Islands.[2][3][4]

Andrew Alan Donaldson
Personal information
Born10 February 1991
Irvine, Scotland, UK
CountryGreat Britain
SportMarathon Swimming
ClubCity of Perth Swimming Club
Coached byEoin Carroll, Ryan Evernden

Andrew was voted Man of the Year and Performance of the Year in the World Open Water Swimming Association awards for 2023.[5]

Early life and career edit

Growing up in West Kilbride, Scotland, Donaldson started swimming with the North Ayrshire Amateur Swimming Club at age seven.[6] Donaldson attended Largs Academy for secondary school, then graduated from Loughborough University in 2012.[7] In 2013, he relocated to Perth, Western Australia to pursue professional swimming.[8][9]

After falling short of his Olympic aspirations, he retired from swimming in 2016 to work in accounting and finance.[8] Following struggles with his mental health and after completing his Chartered Accounting studies, Donaldson took a career break to backpack overseas.[10] At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, he was working as a volcano tour guide in Nicaragua.[8]

He returned to Perth and to swimming in 2020. He found that the sport helped him with his mental well-being.[8] In Perth, Donaldson co-founded Swimclan with his mentor Martin Smoothy to assist adults in learning to swim, to improve their health, and to pursue goals.[11]

In 2021, he placed first in the 19.7 km Rottnest Channel Swim.[12][13] In 2022, he set a new record in the 34 km Derwent River Big Swim in Tasmania, and won the 25 km Palm Beach to Shelly Beach Swim.[8]

Oceans Seven edit

In 2022, Donaldson announced that he would embark on the Oceans Seven challenge.[14] Donaldson's goal was to complete the challenge in one year [15] to raise money for the Black Dog Institute and awareness for mental health.[14][16] He was nominated for the World Open Water Swimming Association's Man of the Year 2022.[17]

Donaldson crossed the English Channel in eight hours.[18] Donaldson set the British record for the swim.[19][20] He became the first Scottish male to complete the swim between the North Channel (Great Britain and Ireland).[6][21] In New Zealand, Donaldson set a new world record for fastest swim across the Cook Strait in four hours thirty-three minutes.[2][3][4]

Donaldson was hospitalised after completing the Molokai Channel. He faced strong waves and headwinds during this swim.[22][23] He set a new British record for his swim of the Strait of Gibraltar with a time of two hours and fifty-six minutes.[24] In Los Angeles, he overcame illness to complete the Catalina Channel in nine hours twenty-two minutes.[25] After successfully crossing Japan's Tsugaru Strait in July 2023, Donaldson completed the Oceans Seven challenge.[26]

Swims of the Oceans Seven
Date Swim Route Distance Time Remarks
2022-08-07 English Channel England to France 33 km 08:00:00 [18] British record
2022-09-19 North Channel Ireland to Scotland 34 km 09:13:57 [21] British record
2023-03-07 Cook Strait South Island to North Island (New Zealand) 22 km 04:33:50 [3] World record
2023-04-18 Kaiwi Channel Molokai to Oahu (USA) 45 km 15:51:00 [23]
2023-05-20 Strait of Gibraltar Spain to Morocco 14.4 km 02:56:00 [24] British record
2023-07-11 Catalina Channel Catalina Island to Los Angeles (USA) 32.3 km 09:22:52 [25] British record
2023-07-27 Tsugaru Strait Honshu to Hokkaido (Japan) 19.5 km 13:04:30 [26]

World Records edit

  • The fastest male (and person overall) to swim across the Cook Strait, between New Zealand's North and South Islands in 4:33:50 on 8 March 2023.[3]
  • The fastest time to complete the Oceans Seven swimming challenge (calendar duration) in 355 days between 7 August 2022 and 27 July 2023.[1]
  • The fastest time to complete the Oceans Seven swimming challenge (cumulative swim time) is 63:02:09 between 7 August 2022 and 27 July 2023.[1]

Charity Work edit

Donaldson is a dedicated advocate for mental health, sustainability, and the sport of swimming. He has undertaken various swim challenges to raise funds in support of these causes, consistently expressing his commitment to "combine purpose with sport".

He has actively supported mental health charities including the Kai Fella Foundation and the Black Dog Institute, which he raised money for during his Oceans Seven campaign. In October 2023, Donaldson successfully swam 33km from Rottnest Island to Elizabeth Quay in Perth, Western Australia, to raise money for Telethon and the Perron Institute for Neurological Science.[27]

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