Andrina is a 1981 television play based on a short story by George MacKay Brown, adapted and directed by Bill Forsyth for BBC Scotland.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8]

Based on"Andrina"
short story
by George MacKay Brown
Screenplay byBill Forsyth
Directed byBill Forsyth
Country of originScotland
ProducerRoderick Graham
Production locationOrkney
Running time50 minutes
Production companyBBC Scotland
Original release
Release21:25, 30 November 1981 (GMT) (1981-11-30T21:25GMT)

Plot edit

A retired sea captain living alone in a remote cottage in Orkney is befriended by a young girl, Andrina, who asks him for a love story from his past. He repeatedly refuses to tell her, until he eventually succumbs, when the consequences are not as he expected.

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