Andrew Lawrence Rippin, FRSC (16 May 1950 in London, England – 29 November 2016)[1] was a Canadian scholar of Islam.

Rippin was Professor of History and Dean of the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Major academic fields of Andrew Rippin was the history of the formative period of Islam and the interpretation of the Qurʾān in the classical period of Islam.[2] He was the author of many works on the Qur'an and its interpretation, as well as the widely respected Muslims - Their Religious Beliefs and Practices, now in its fourth edition (2012). In 2006, he was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. Some of the works of Andrew Rippin are related with the research on Ibadism.[3]

He died on 29 November 2016 in Victoria, British Columbia at the age of 66.[4][unreliable source?]


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