Andres Noormets

Andres Noormets (born 1 October 1963 in Paide) is an Estonian theatre actor, director and theatre pedagogue.[1]

Andres Noormets (on left) and Raivo E. Tamm in 1986

1988 he graduated from Tallinn State Conservatory Stage Art Department.[1]

Besides theatre roles he has also played on several films and television series (e.g. Wikmani poisid, 1995).[1]

In 2018 he was awarded with Order of the White Star, IV class.[2]

Staging worksEdit

  • Unamuno' and Noormets' "Ühe kire lugu (1992)
  • Wilde' and Noormets' "Dorian Gray portree" (1993)
  • Rummo's "Valguse põik" (1993)


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