Andrej Kmeť

Andrej Kmeť (November 19, 1841, Szénásfalu, Austrian Empire (today Bzenica, Slovakia) - February 16, 1908, Turócszentmárton (today Martin, Slovakia)) was a Slovak botanist, ethnographer, archaeologist, and geologist.[1] He identified several new species of plants and created a herbarium with 72,000 specimens. He was one of the first researchers who carried on modern archaeological excavations in Central Europe. In 1892, he founded the Slovak Learned Society (Slovak: Slovenská učená spoločnosť), which later became nucleus of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. He was also known for his bitter criticism of alcoholism. Andrej Kmeť was interred in the National Cemetery in Martin.

Andrej Kmeť
Statue of Andrej Kmeť in Banská Štiavnica

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