Andhra Pradesh Residential Degree College

The Andhra Pradesh Residential Degree College (APRDC) is a college in Vijayapuri South, Nagarjunasagar.[1] It was established by the initiative taken by the then Chief Minister Sri Bhavanam Venkatarami Reddy, in 1982 by the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh under the Management of Andhra Pradesh Residential Educational Society, Hyderabad in fully residential Gurukul pattern with an aim to cater to the needs of rural talented students at undergraduate level.

Andhra Pradesh Residential Degree College
Nagarjuna Sagar,
Vigayapuri South,
Guntur (Dist),
Andhra Pradesh,
India India
Coordinates16°33′40″N 79°18′39″E / 16.561226°N 79.310891°E / 16.561226; 79.310891
TypeMens College, Commerce ,arts & science college
Established1 September 1982
School roll152 (in 2014)
AffiliationsAcharya Nagarjuna University

It provides free boarding and hostel facility in addition to free education with the aid of Govt. of Andhra Pradesh. This college is affiliated to Acharya Nagarjuna University.[2][3]

The college is equipped with library and laboratory facilities. A special feature of the college is the loco-parent system, in which batches of 20 students are allotted to a lecturer, called as a loco-parent. The loco-parent will supervise overall welfare of his ward which includes not only academic but even health, career guidance and counseling with the help of an alumni.


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