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An Asian Minor

An Asian Minor is a novel by Felice Picano in which he re-invents the myth of Ganymede. In Greek Mythology, Ganymede was the cupbearer of Olympus and the beloved of Zeus, chief of the gods. In the novel, told in the first person from the viewpoint of Ganymede himself, he reveals that before Zeus became his lover Ganymede was erotically and amorously pursued by several other major deities. Ares, god of war, was too rough and violent. Hermes, god of thieves and tricksters, was too dishonest and deceitful. Only Zeus was able to satisfy Ganymede fully.

First published by Seahorse Press in 1981, Lethe Press has re-released the novel in 2017: as a deluxe edition with full-color homoerotic art; a paperback edition; audiobook; and e-book.

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An Asian Minor by Felice Picano (1981), ISBN 0-933322-06-2