Amon may refer to:


  • Amun, an Ancient Egyptian deity, also known as Amon and Amon Ra
  • Aamon, a Goetic demon


  • Amon of Judah (c. 664–c. 640 BC), 7th-century BCE king of Judah


  • Chris Amon (1943–2016), former Formula One driver; 24 Hours of Le Mans winner
  • Johann Andreas Amon (1763–1825), German composer
  • Amon Carter (1879–1955), publisher of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and civic booster for Fort Worth, Texas
  • Amon Göth (1908–1946), an Austrian concentration camp commandant in the Nazi SS during World War II executed for war crimes
  • Amon Tobin (born 1972), Brazilian IDM producer
  • Angelika Amon (born 1967), Austrian American molecular biologist


  • Amon, original name of the band Deicide
  • Amon, the house in the storyline of the King Diamond album Them

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